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    I posted some new pictures of my oven. It's 8' x8' electric. It runs on 8 -3100w heating elements. 2 - Thermostats controlled by 2 - 50 amp relays. It comes up to 400F in 15 minutes. Once over 350F, 4 of the 8 elements shut down & it stays at 400F with just 4 elements running.
    I would have posted more pic's, but the album bumped them stating "pictures are too large or file is corupted"?? I made sure they were smaller than the 800 x 600 pixels??

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    It looks like you did a really nice job. What did you use to insulate the oven? Also, where did you buy the elements that you used?


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      Re: New Oven pic's

      Thanks Capt'n:
      I used "Certainteed" (sp?) "Ultra Gold" Duct board for insulation. It is only rated for 250F, but I tried it a while ago to make what I called a "pregnant oven". A housing that sat on the open door of a kitchen oven to be able to do items that were too large to fit in a reg size kitchen oven. It held up really well. So when I was ready to build a larger oven, I experimented with it to see how it would hold up to higher temps. I put a piece in the kitchen oven & cranked it up to 550F, other than an initial burn off of fumes & a little discoloration, it help up awesome.
      It comes in 10' x 4' panels & the panels are shipped-lapped so they overlap tight. Very easy to work with, cuts with a razor knife.
      The heating elements, if I remember correctly, it was Jim aka Viper's post on "Oven Construction", somewhere around page 4 or 5 on the PC forum.
      It takes about 15 mins to get up to 400F.
      Good Luck


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        i used the same stuff for insulation. my buddy has a hvac shop and it was afreebie there on the rack when i was doing the sheet metal. works good i doubled it up.
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