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    I am faced with a couple of tiny pin hole leaks in a gas tank. After trying to braze this very thin and old metal. I was thinking about using jb weld to do my dirty work. Anyone ever PC over the top of JB weld?? I understand it's good up to 500 degrees.. so the oven temps shouldnt be a problem. I looked in the archives here and found mixed emotions on this one. Will it even stand up to fuel??

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    From my own experience, as a master mechanic, I don't recommend JB Weld for repairs to a fuel tank. It is a good product for some things. Fuel tanks or exhaust systems are not those things. I have seen it used for both many times. Once or twice by myself for a temporary fix. Very rare does it last on a fuel tank for any length of time. There are better epoxies designed for tanks. As for the heat tolerance, it won't stand up on an exhaust system. I have seen it burn loose after a short time giving off noxious fumes that made the driver of the car sick.

    What is the tank out of?


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      yes, no jb on the tank just use high heat silver solder
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        I've used good old lead befor on harly tanks...I also keep a can of metal lab around.
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          I believe JB Weld in an amine curing epoxy, and therefore not too good in immersion of gasolene.

          Our Gas Tank Sealer is a Phenol Novolac epoy, which will withstand the gas with no problem.
          The technique of placing duct tape over the holes, then lining the INSIDE of the tank completely is the best way of dealing with the problem.
          The coating will fill the holes and because there are no edges of epoxy repair, the gas can't get into the joint.

          You could use an ordinary epoxy to plug the hole, prior to lining it. We sell several, look under our Permatex range of products.
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            thanks for the suggestions guys. I ended up brazing the pin holes. The tank is going out for PC today. I think next time I would use high heat soldier instead.