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  • Black Wrinkle

    I put Black Wrinkle on a part and it looked fine but I saw a place were the powder didn't get on to good so I powder coated it a 2nd time and when it came out the oven it had just about no wrinkle to it and looked like gloss black. What happend to it here. I know it was cured. I cure the wrinkle at 375deg. all the time. but when I saw the 2nd coat come out like this I put it back in the oven and went to 400deg and nothing changed. still looked the same. Did I get it to hot? or 2 coats of black wrinkle cause this to happend?

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    I striped off the coat and powder coated it with 1 coat only, now it looks good. So I guess you don't put 2 coats of Black Wrinkle on any thing.

    I put a pic of it in the Album if anyone wants to see it. I put one pic in there 2 times


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      Who is the proud owner of this crinkle job Who's powder did you use? Temps and cure times I have some crinkle I need to do myself.


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        This is Caswell's Black Wrinkle powder.
        I cured it at 375 for 15min.
        When I did it at 400deg. the powder would turn to a gloss black with no wrinkle to it at all.

        Some of this Black wrinkle powder is over 2 years old and still works like the newer Black wrinkle that I have.


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          Thankyou for the advice. I'll get an order out asap.