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  • Car frame coating

    Hi, i am looking to get my race car frame powder coated. its about 10.5' long and 4.5-5' wide, and maybe 4.5' tall. the only problem is it needs to be blasted, and turnaround. with all the small corners and round bars, im afraid of the cost. could anyone give a quick guesstimate on it? I know it will be hard to, but im going to need to get some money.

    thanks alot

    Derrick Long
    #38 Bandolero

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    I do frames and pricing ranges from $600.00 up to $1000.00 depending on color('s) and how much blasting is really needed..

    Jim S...
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      Could i use paint remover and get the paintoff? Would that do thesame as blasting it? Because there is about 2 layers of paint, and also is there a way to get a matching liquid paint to the powder?


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        Will still need to blast the frame to get all the finish off. Needs to be clean....
        As for the matching paint depends on teh color you go with..
        I have had folks take the part to a PPG and or Dupont Auto Paint shop and have them shoot the sample for a match..

        Jim S..
        Jim Shuster Sold..... Hobbie Web Hosting.


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          I've gotten estimates for a '66 Skylark frame that ranged from $350 for sandblasting and powdercoating. Blasting only was about $150, PC'ing ranged from $250-450.
          Note this is a standard frame (2 side rails, 2 crossmembers), not a race car. A 'cage' frame would be much more....

          A paint shop can mix a color to match. They just need a sample to take a picture of, the computer will then come up with a paint formula.


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            I dont think you all understand. This is a SMALL car. Dad use to run a machine shop that had a contained powder system. He said nomore than $250 for the powder. Blasting is the big prob.


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              I would not touch it for 250.00 i get 475and up for cages and 1500 and up for the full circle track + i charge 45 per hr to blast 2 hrs min!!!

              i would take it there and have them do it for 250... you get what you pay for....


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                Im sure you wouldnt touch a regular sized car for 250. If you dont kno the car how are you gonna know what your doin?