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    I to agree, I have spent to much time sand blasting, and am still not getting the results I want. Granted, it may have something to do with my $100 syphoning s.b. from .... Its a 6hp comp, not sure about the cfm right now. I am using a glass bead at about 100 psi. Not as quick and efficient as I would like, but it is defineately doing a good job, could be better though.

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    I'm just finding out that glassbead is fine for translucent or chrome basecoats, but aluminum oxide or black magnum is better for powdercoating with regular powders.
    I'm using a medium black magnum on these aluminm rims that I did and it came out looking awesome. It really leaves a nice texture for the powder to adhere to.
    So, thank you guys for great advice and pass it on...


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      cabrego... i have the same unit ... i turned it into a gravity fed unit and it works top notch now... i used a 5 gal bucket with a 1/2" fitting added to the bottom, I rotated the part of the blast gun that the media is fed to 180deg. My compressor is rated at 130psi max an it works just fine now. I also reworked the drain at the bottom, i pluged the existing hole, cut a new one so it dumps out straight down, and added a 3/4", 1/4 turn PVC valve and a short piece of 3/4" tubing that dumps into a second bucket thru a strainer to catch the big chunks. a light was added too. add the mods coast me about $5 (the PVC stuff).
      If you want pics of what i did mail me [email protected]

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        kz, I am interested to see what you did to improve the sand blaster. Is the problem that is is syphoned? I saw improvements by replacing the hose with some heater hose that doesnt get jammed. It still takes to long to sand blast though.

        Also, what are you doing to ventilate the system, I am running it with out any kind of pump, so i am getting pressure build up. The gloves have POPED offa couple of times already.

        [email protected]