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adding graphics to powder coating

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  • adding graphics to powder coating

    Is it possible to get a special decal made that is heat resistant, and powder coat over it with a clear coat to add graphics to a piece? Thanks.

    Please let me know if you have any ideas.

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    Can't vouch for them, but Victory Circle Graphics makes them. I would imagine the graphics would stand 'proud' of the surface after the clearcoating, vs. during solvent painting, the surface is wetsanded after the clear is applied to bring the two surfaces together.

    I can't figure out how you'd do that with PC sinces it's not really a wet-sandable process?? Anyone know?



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      what you need is to buy a sheet of the same material as the green tape and take it to a decal shop and have it cut out.


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        my brother just bought a vinyl sign machine and we found stuff that does 350f. what were going to do is make logos and place them over a cured base coat and re shoot with a new color and pull the sticker up and bake. should leave a cool logo. the soft ware is also used for a four color sreen printing set up. with this and mulitpe cure cylcles we should be able to do what ever you can do for a tee shirt with a four color screen print. this way we can use the cheapest vinyl and heat wot be a issue. FYI
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          Re: adding graphics to powder coating

          Many decal makers have the ability to make you high temperature decals that you can apply a clear topcoat over. Both Harley and Excelsior-Henderson did this. Excelsior-Henderson applied acrylic clear over their decals and they look great.


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            Re: adding graphics to powder coating

            you can wet sand and polish powder coating
            I've done this to eliminate some wavy finishes and scratches on old powder coatings .