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pics of my new oven

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  • pics of my new oven

    Finnally after 800 rivets my oven is 95%complete. Its 3x3x6 and has 2 3000 watt elements and has a two piece lid with two smallpop out windows. In my 35 degree garage It reached 400 degress in 20 min, 450 degress in 30 minutes, after an hour it seemed to max out at 500 degrees. I need to install my fan, fiberglass gasket vent tube and hinge the two lids. I'm really pleased with the performance, i was a little worried that i wouldnt have enough juice to get up to temp but it got to 400 pretty quik, i think it to due with the kickass roxul insulation i used. After an hour at 500 degrees the out side of the oven was cold to the touch. I also want to thank all the people who gave me advice especially Viper56 and his great website and oven design wich mine is based on. I plan on going crazy with the powdercoat this week. Here are the pics

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    That is such an awesome oven. I am in the process trying to find an oven and something like that would be awesome. If you dont mind me asking, how much time and money did you put in to that. It looks really top notch.

    If plausible I would like to build something similar, maybe smaller. I would like to learn as you did, got any spare links?


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      I put in around 400 dollars but i got all the metal for free, the metal would have cost me at least 200 dollars. I worked on it little by little but im guessing at least 20 hours. my design is based on the plans found at


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        Looks great.