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caswell hobby gun question

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  • caswell hobby gun question

    I have the caswell hobby gun. On the bottom of the gun there is a plastic plug between the end of the gun and the trigger. I have taken it out and cleaned it after spraying, my question is, what is this for. Is it to adjust the spray. I noticed that there is an "O" ring on it and it is getting kind of beat up from being taken out so many times. I have lost my owners manual to this gun so any help would be great. Thanks

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    You can buy a replacement O ring at most parts stores. If I remember correct it does effect the flow. I remove mine all the time to clean the gun.


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      I have the starter kit, and the manual says it is a regulating screw. I have not tried the gun yet, so I am not sure what it regulates.

      What kind of luck have you had with your gun?


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        so far it works great. Everything I've done looks good


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          that is good to hear, any pics?

          What kind of curing oven are you using, I will trying to use a home oven.