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Spray Pattern:How should it be?

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  • Spray Pattern:How should it be?

    I just got my starter kit, and am curious how the powder should spray from the gun. There are 2 types of valves that adjust the patter.

    Should it be controlled like spray paint?

    I tried it and it kind of ploomed like smoke a couple of times, and I am having trouble kit a controlled spray. Sometimes when I pull the trigger nothing comes out, or sometimes it plooms out at different rates. Not sure what the problem is. Maybe one of the adjustments?

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    I use a different gun but if the powder is coming out at different rates it might have clumps. Do you shake the powder to get clumps out of it before you start spraying?


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      20 PSI to the gun from the compressor
      don't use more than 1 inch of powder inside the cup
      and play around with the bottom adjustment to adjust the air and the plastic screw at the bottom of the barrel to adjust the powder coming out the front .


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        Thanks for the advice guys, thats what Ive been waiting to hear.

        LOL>>>> I had the cup practially maxed out. I guess that could explain the preformance problems I was experiencing.

        So how far can an inch of powder last me? Thanks again!!