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Question for the guys out there with gas ovens

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  • Question for the guys out there with gas ovens

    Okay, I am switching from electric to gas and I am wondering how much gas does your ovens use and the size of it. I am have problems getting gas piped into the house, but with the right amount of money or high amount of gas they will pipe it in for sure. The other option is a large tank I am thinking around 250gal, but problems there to. Just looking to see how the gas ovens are feed. By the way I am thinking of using an propane forced air heater, running around 225k BTU Per Hour.

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    im in the process of building a propane powered oven, i should be completed in 2 weeks or so... ill post pics and any other info i can... it's a tank that is 5' long and 3' in diameter.
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      I have a Gas oven works really good, I made it myself its about 4 cubic feet, I used a BBQ burner on the bottom and I heat it up to 420 and cook my parts. as for propane usage, it lasts a very long time,