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  • OGF by tiger drylac

    I've been coating for a week now with good results, but on aluminum im getting a little outgasing bubbles. Tiger dyrlac has outgas fogiving powders and additives, have any of you guys used these products and if so how do they work? Im buying some this week.

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    I used it and to be honest the outgass still was there, less but not worth what they sell it for.

    Preheat the parts at 450f for 30 mins, then let it cool down to 200f and coat or coat hot, it helps alot.

    And slowly raise the temp up if your going to go at 200f elevate the temp 50degrees every time it get to the temps

    250f/then 300/ then 350/ then 400 or 410 for what ever the cure time is.


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      I alway pre bake my Alum parts for at least 40 min at 450-500 depending upon the powder I am using. This has prevented a lot of bubbles.