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supper chrome craking under clear coat

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  • supper chrome craking under clear coat

    I am having problems with my chrome craking under the clear but it starts after 8 to 12 hrs after they are done can aneyone tell me what is going on!!!

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    You didnt fully cure the clear, its not the chrome that is cracking its the clear/

    Fully cure the chrome for 30 mins, then spray clear with part hot and cure for 15 mins


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      thanks for the reply I have tried that on several test parts and it seems that if the part is still hot the clear has white specs in it almost as if it is over bakeing the clear could my parts still be to hot when i clear them?


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        If you have specs its from not cleaning out the gun correctly, clear is a clear you should have no specs of white unless you have clumps

        You can just fully cure the chrome for 30mins at 410f and let it cool

        Set what your coating up with a freash new hook (Ground) then preheat it too about 200f and coat the clear enough for it to cover the entire piece so it looks powder coated white.

        Place in oven and go at 375 for about 30 to get a nice flow out and longer stretch tiem for it to stay in the gel form to help prevent orange peel.


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          thanks again i'm going to blast the parts tomorrow and recoat them and see how they turn out. I'll repost back with the outcome I appriciate the help!!


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            chrome MUST be fully cooled be for spray any top coat...


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              Put your parts back in the oven and recure.I've had this happen and was able to rebake and the cracks disappeared.
              I'll try anything to keep from having to restrip a part.