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batch oven question for any electricians out there...

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  • batch oven question for any electricians out there...

    I have a 480/240 3 phase oven. I will be moving this to a new location with only 1 phase question is will a static phase converter work with a batch oven?? I see that I can buy several models on the web, but they all measure the size of the load by HP.....any input would be nice......


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    Take a close look at how it's wired.Most heating elements don't know the difference between single and three phase.Phase convertors are mainly for motors.Most electronics use the phases seperatly once inside the device. The only thing that be an issue is the fans so be sure to look at the motors to check specs. Several of the batch ovens I worked on were 3 phase and still used single phase motors for the fans.

    If it's a gas or oil fired oven then you also have to check the wiring on the furnace guns or burner ignitors.