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Military Blue Wrinkle ( not wrinkling)

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  • sswee
    This is Caswell's Black Wrinkle powder.
    I cured it at 375 for 15min.
    When I did it at 400deg. the powder would turn to a gloss black with no wrinkle to it at all.
    This is a post from Warchild on page 2. Maybe this will help. There were some with the same problem with the black wrinkle.

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  • neon
    started a topic Military Blue Wrinkle ( not wrinkling)

    Military Blue Wrinkle ( not wrinkling)

    I have tried several differant cure times and temps with blue wrinkle and cannot get this stuff to wrinkle. It comes out glossy everytime.. I consulted a friend that has lots of coating experience, He also has tried 5 or 6 samples to seeif he could get it to work he could not... Please Advise i need to get these parts out to my customer ASAP.. Thanks guys