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anyone ever mix two powders together???

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  • anyone ever mix two powders together???

    has anyone mixed two powders together in the cup and applied them. What will happen, thanks

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    they won't mix up , if you look close you will see both colors
    only clear can be mixed up


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      when you say clear can be mixed up does that mean you can shoot the color and clear at one time rather than doing it in two steps, please explain. thanks


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        I beg to differ. A long ways back I mixed a glossy black and a glossy red and got a glossy burgundy. I even added more glossy black and came up with a dark red or as I call it CHOCOLATE!
        My friend mixed a translucent copper and dark silver texture and came out with a hint of copper and silver beauty.
        This he did to his motorcycle headlight cover:


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          very cool, I have some experimenting to do


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            i mix my over shot powder to see what i get some times it looks good ... i am going to mix my chrome with red candy tommorrow .. and see what the out come is ..


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              I tried a few times and was always unsucessfull ...hmmm maybe I made it wrong
              how did you mix them ?
              it would be great to come up with chromed colors .


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                This could be a good post to come up with something new, new type of colors and post the results. I am going to try mixing black onyx and gloss black to see what I come up with . Also going to mix up some metalic silver and the candy blue top coat. I also may try mixing ribbon blue with the blue candy top coat. Very interesting. I will let you know how it all works. I can now see I may have to get myself a digital camera to post some pics, later guys


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                  i will be powdering for the next week i will reclaim all of it and see what happens ... i some left over stock that is ready for the trash...

                  but when the powder is mixed and a color is set keep a log on the ratio of mixture.....


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                    I mixed red and yellow together and came up with a sick orange...chuck...found the package that my boy was supposed to take to ups to you monday in his truck still.i'll get it on its way this monday..
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                      Here is my CHOCOLATE' color from extra glossy black and glossy red(timing cove)r:
                      Here is my waterpump with equal mix of glossy black and glossy red:
                      Now, I need to try and mix some candy and base colors...


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                        Re: anyone ever mix two powders together

                        I have tried mixing powders together without much luck. First, the two must be of the same formulation for it to work IE., epoxie & epoxie or TGIC & TGIC etc. Usually when you mix powder, each separate color powder will show up. This is why it is vital to clean your hose and equipment very well when applying black or white colors. Any remaining powder WILL show up as dirt specs in your finish. Remember that powder veins are two different types of powder that are mixed together and have a reaction once they see heat.


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                          Re: anyone ever mix two powders together

                          I have mixed blue and red together. Painted an aluminum cribbage board with it. It looked awesome! The real trick I believe through my trial and lots of errors is the fluidization time of the 2 powders prior to spraying.


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                            Re: anyone ever mix two powders together

                            2 parts Trans/candy Blue and 1 part purple is a awesome color.


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                              Re: anyone ever mix two powders together

                              Some powders will blend together nicely to make color variations, and others will just appear as separately colored splotches. It has a lot to do with the formulation chemistries. It can also depend slightly on other factors such as particle size and pigment variations.

                              When you have two incompatible chemistries (urethanes and acrylics are especially bad when mixed with epoxy or polyester-hybrids), you will most likely see craters and other surface defects. This is because certain powders flow out at different speeds, which is one reason the manufacturer recommends a specific cure time and temperature.

                              If you put compatible powders into a bag and shake them up, the pigments just may be similar enough to produce a blended color. Microscopically you may still see them as tiny dots because that's just the way dry-blended powder coatings work.

                              Or sometimes you want that mottled appearance... try blending about 10% of a sand-textured coating into a smooth coating and you should see the difference in the flow characteristics of the powders. Orange texture inside a clear is a really cool look