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anyone ever mix two powders together???

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    Re: anyone ever mix two powders together

    Ok i need some help with this, now before i continue i do not do any powder coating myself i go to a local shop that has done some pretty good work for me before. i have some parts (previously powdercoated red) and i now want to get them re-done to match my wheels, the wheels are painted house of kolor BURPLE, its a bluish purple mix. this issue is i cannot find a color that is similar to it in the shops color chip book, so i ask is there a way i can mimick this color by asking them to mix two colors together like electric blue and candy purple?

    picture of House of color Burple


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      Re: anyone ever mix two powders together

      You can mix colors together but have to test to make sure you don't get a "spotty" color, or a grainy mix..... It CAN be done.... The chemistry has to match really well as well as any pigment.

      The Color you're showing is available in a couple of forms I think. I use a color called Bentley Blue, from NIC-Prismatic.... Looks very similar to your posted picture..... You can also vary the color by laying it on in thick or thin layers, to get a darker or lighter appearance.....

      There's a metallic version called Dormant Blue, offered by a few places, but PBTP comes to mind..... It aklways has the purple look to it.... In bright, natural sunlight it's mostly blue, but the less sunlight, the more purple it appears....

      These are a coupl eof colors that would make a close match if not a dead nuts match.

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        Re: anyone ever mix two powders together

        sorry for my ignorance but i am unaware of what PBTP means as the effect your describing about sunlight is the exact same as what i am dealing with


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          Re: anyone ever mix two powders together

          It's an Eastwood competitor;


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            Re: anyone ever mix two powders together

            I've had great success paint matching an off white panel with powdercoat.
            I documented the process using MEK at
            Paint matching powdercoat to other colors | Zitt's Blog
            for those that are interested.

            Basically; when using MEK; you can get any color without the grainyness.


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              Re: anyone ever mix two powders together

              I know this thread is ancient but I just ran across it and thought I'd chime in. The is an Edelbrock carb I shot with a 50/50 mix of candy green and gold. The carb was a filthy old lump of crapola before I stripped it and coated it like this.

              It looked great on the car and always stayed "brand new" to look at but if you looked right up close, you could see the overall colour was made up of different colour dots, like individual pixels that make up a digital image on a computer.

              Click image for larger version

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