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  • Compressor Amperage

    What is the Amps required for the compressor that comes in the starter kit?

    Here's my problem. I take the compressor out of the box. I'm using a 2 amp, 12 VDC power supply. I hook it up and it just sits there and humms and does not move. I watch the voltage on a volt meter and its 12 when its not hooked up but then loads down to less than 1 volt when hooked up. Now this is straight out of the box. I return it. Meanwhile, I verify the power supply is good by testing other equipment and it works. I get a new one. The new one does the same thing. There are no instructions with the compressor. What does everyone else hook up their compressor to that comes with the starter kit?

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    Hey man I think it's your power supply. I ran into something similar when I first got mine. It turned out that I didn't have the right amperage for the compressor and I had too much stuff on that line. My friend and I ended up running a whole separate line for just the compressor. We also threw in a new breaker with more than enough amps to handle it.


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      I got to go buy one. Is 10 amps good? I think 8.75 is required?