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chemeleon color ???

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  • chemeleon color ???

    I'm looking for a color named chamelon color that shifts to 4 diferent colors saw it a long time ago I don't know if it even exists anymore.

    anyone knows if caswell chameleon shifts colors ?
    from the picture it looks silver .

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    the chameleon you are looking for is a paint, the prism additive that caswell sells isnt even in the same boat as the paint...but i do believe that caswell sells the dupli-color paints that are used for the chameleon effect, ive used the dupli rattle cans and its a three coat process, spendy but very nice...I believe they call it mirage now...
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      I have used mirage before
      but the color I'm looking for is a light silver and changes to yellow,,blue I saw some one selling a 50lb box some months ago on ebay but
      I don't remeber who it was or the brand.


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        Re: chemeleon color

        Hey Tjagger:
        The Chamelion that Caswell sells it a solid color almost almond. I did the same thing, ordered some thinking it would change colors. Caswell does sell powders that change colors when looked at from different angles. They call them "Illusions". I have used both the Illusion emerald & amerthysts. Pretty nice stuff.
        Good Luck


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          pattern designs

          I've had several customers ask for pattern designs over the base color they have chosen.such as flames,my problem is when using a template the color will bleed under it,so i try'd cutting the design out of high temp tape,the adhesive from the tape melts into the base powder.not good ,anybody got a solution to correct this problem?


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            Use paint for your designs.Then just clear powder over top.