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I'm all adviced out.....

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  • I'm all adviced out.....

    I am glad to have been able to help people over the last couple of years but do to a lack of time I am withdrawing from the forum.Just about everything you need to know to powdercoat is now listed in this forum archives.

    Caswell thank you for the forum to share in.
    Chuck and Wayne keep my number and feel free to call anytime you need help or just to chat.

    So long and best wishes to you all.


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    Your advise and help will be missed!! Thanks for the help on the Go-Cart frames ..
    Stop in from time to time even if just to say hi..

    Jim S...
    Jim Shuster Sold..... Hobbie Web Hosting.


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      Dale i got you on speed dail... I will miss your input to the forum... I am sure Wayne and Me will stay in touch with you.... Thank's for all your help...


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        Your advice and time spent here will be sorely missed. Thank you so much for all you've done here. If you're ever in our part of NY, feel free to stop by.
        Mike Caswell
        Caswell Inc
        Need Support? Visit our online support section at


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          I'll give ya a call monday, guess its my turn at ya laters..

          Pro-Tech Powder Coating
          93976 Ocean Way
          [email protected]
          Gold Beach,Oregon


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            You are a Great Asset and your presense will be missed. I know many of your posts helped me out in the past when I was first starting out.


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              Come on Dale... I have learned lots from you and the industry is forever changing... Don't fall off the face of the earth completely, just take a break from the day to day activity of checking the forum. Any forum is only as good as it's members. I should know, I have lost count from how many forums I have been booted off of. I find if I take a break and then return, I feel refreshed and ready to go.