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  • loly pop blue question

    I have put down the silver metalic base coat, then let the part cool down to around 120 to 150 degrees. I shot it with loly pop blue top coat and it came out in different shades. I guess I am putting it on thicker in spots and not so thick in others. How should this go on, in one light coat so it can be seen as a thin coat before baking or should I put it on real thick and hope it turns out as one color and not shaded. thanks

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    Candy's are tricky.I usually shoot mine hot so the powder flows right away.It's the only way I can see how even the coverage is.Otherwise if your shootin' multiple parts you get different shades.If anyone has a better way please post .


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      VPC is right with hobby guns
      I usually coat candys at 160 -170

      other times
      I partially cure for 10 mins , do a second coat and full cure.
      but this will make the finish color a bit more darker.


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        Ok I did some more tonight, I put the metalic silver on and baked it for 10 minutes and pulled it out of the oven and shot it as soon as I got it out. It turned out excellent. No dark or light spots. I put it in for 18 minutes for the final cure. thanks


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          you have 2 ways to play with that color. one with get it real close to looking like Yamaha Blue (reflex blue)

          1. fully cure the base which would be silver for 25 mins ar 400 pull it out let it fully cool, re ground with new hook, pre bake it to 200f then spray top coat being lolly.b

          2. Lay down the silver, let it flow out till it looks smooth, time 3 mins after that, cool fully and re ground with new hook, pre bake and go full cure with top coat.

          *spraying further away from the part with get the silver looking more shiny, spraying close will darken it, also changes the look of that blue.

          The top coat with change the purple tint and either make it look more candy if you go with the partial cure, or with the full it would be more anodized looking.


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            cory any pics?


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              I am going to borrow a digital camera and I will get you guys some pics, thanks for the help guys.