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pc'ing wheel advice needed

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  • pc'ing wheel advice needed

    i m in the process of pc'ing some aluminum rims i had them steel shoted but it cant go all the way to the bare metal in spots. Can i powder coat over the factory finish?

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    What do you mean you can't go all the way to the metal. The thing is, it's the metal contact that you need for a good finish.
    If you coat that rim like it is, then prepare for some hard work ahead stripping it back down.
    I learned the hard way! Get it right the first time and get it down to bare metal...


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      The final result depends completely on the prep. It's the key in any finishing job. Strip em, sand em, media blast em...What ever you have to do...You'll only have to do the job again anyway, so you might as well do it right the first time.


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        It's very likely that anything left on the rim will bubble or outgas during curing and ruin the finish. As everyone says, prep is everything.