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powder coating seems very forgiving

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  • powder coating seems very forgiving

    I recently did some parts... temp range usually reached about 375 when the time was up. Sometime a little higher.

    And I started with the oven cold, and part cold. 14 min turned oven off and cracked open... let cool.

    Everything seemed to work out great.

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    it might look good but that part isnt fully cured. it will scratch off easier than if it was fully cured. the "time" starts when the part reaches the temp the powder tells you. so when the part reaches 400 or what ever it is then start the clock.... randy


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      I start with a preheated oven.... Usually around 400 degrees... Then I PC the part and toss it in the oven. Just about the time I finish mixing a rum and coke and light a smoke, I return to the garage and find the part just beginning to "flow out", That's when I hit my stop watch and grab a chair. My timing then works out to be about the time I finish my second smoke and almost polish off my rum and coke, the part is DONE. Check the maker of the powder and see what they recommend. For mine, It's two smokes and a rum and coke!


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        much better to go a little longer than shorter for sure, most powder is pretty forgiving at over bake, ive spaced off stuff 20 mins or more and the stuff came out nice and tuff.
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          it depends on what i am coating 15-20 minutes at 400 big parts take more time 20-25


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            Well, I guess I will let go a little longer then.

            I usullay checked the part after about 10 minutes. Powder always was 'flowing' by then.

            Thanks for the tips.

            The one piece that I had to recoat because it fell off the hook in the oven... it sure seemed to cure nice. Took a LOT more blasting to get the coating off than it took to get the paint off.