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  • Hooks where to buy?

    Hi all, Could anybody tell me where I can buy ordinary hooks for PC? I see Caswell has the swival hooks but I'm looking for regular hooks for test & tune purposes. Thanks Dee

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    find an old bike wheel (or the kids that keeps cuttin thru your yard) and cut the spokes off and then just make yourself a jig and mass produce your own hooks.
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      Re: Hooks where to buy?

      Hey Dee:
      I make my own. I buy a heavy gauge rolls of wire in the Hardware section of Walmart. 100' for less than $5.00. If it is a lighter item I use packages of cut length (about 18") of wire (lighter gauge) sold in the arts & crafts section of Walmart. They are sold for fake floral arranging. I think a package of 25 - 18" cuts are about .69 cents.
      Good Luck


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        We get ours from $28 for 1000.
        Use them twice and pitch'em


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          Thanks guy's, I'm doing my first shot at coating this weekend.Hope everything goes right.But if it don't I'll blast and start over. I've got alot of confidence from reading this forum. Still trying to decide on what kind ot thermometer to buy. Any suggestions? Oh buy the way " Bob" I just ordered the blasting pot you recommended from Max Tool.Looking forward to trying it out. How did your (mod) go on your pot? I think it was Tinbenders modification. Think I'll try it also. Good to hear from you again. Dee


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            just like blademan i tear the kids bikes apart to get hook's and like bob said a spool of h/d wire comes in handy... you can make a pinch fit by bending in in a v or u then push it in and it will hold ....

            Blademan... i will be in touch this week if i can get some free time..