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    Greetings all! Came across this website while browsing through and thought I'd sign up and show off a bit. My family has been in the finishing industry for over 50 years and my brother-in-law and I have recently decided to expand into bike frames for fun. We experimented on his wife's bike first and the results are pretty impressive, if I don't say so myself

    Check it out at:

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    52 views and not a comment


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      Nice Job! Frame looks good!
      Sit tight for comments from the other members, the site has a certain time when everyone comes in.
      What's that? Silver vein with candy blue overlay? Looks tight!


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        that looks sweet!
        never though of ussing candys over veins hmmmm
        that gaves me afew ideas

        I also like the hook , that seems a lot easier to work with than the one I was ussing for frames.


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          No problem... was just surprised at the number of views without a comment, especially given the increase in hits my site has experienced over the past two days.

          Yup, it's a candy blue tint over a silver vein with a clear coat over the top for some added protection. Most of it was just sample powders I ordered for free from some of our suppliers, but the Candy blue came from someplace special... not sure where, I'd have to ask my brother in law.

          As for the hook... it was just something we rigged together. It seemed like the easiest way to get the frame in and out of the booth without touching it.


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            welcome to the forum... looks good but i got a ? is that a hitch mounted up there to hold the part? and how do you like that wagner? i looked in to buying one ..


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              Nope, just something we rigged together to slide heavier objects in and out of the booth without touching them. As for the equipment, it's all Nordson. In fact, everything we use, from booth to hoppers to guns is Nordson. We had a Wagner once about 15 years ago when we first started looking into powder and didn't like it... Since we switched we haven't had any problems and customer service is great.