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Yes, the Infamous OVER WIRING Questions again :shock:

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  • Yes, the Infamous OVER WIRING Questions again :shock:

    Been busy with about 20 different things and a Charity event. I recently picks up 2 Cabinets that I will be using to make my big over. It will end up 6' x3.5' x 3.5'.

    I intend on running 4x Elements but not sure if I can use one set of controls. I was thinking about just ripping the Oven parts out of 2 stoves and then seperately. That way I can only use 2 when I have little parts and both when I have Big parts.

    I will be running the Elements 2 on each side. Also is it imperitive that I use a FAN or would Air slits at the bottom and top be ok. Also where would be the best location for the Temp Sensors? middle/top/ back/ side?

    I need to cut up the cabinets next weekend and start melding them together. I just need something big enough to do M/C frames so I can make some good $$$$

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    just get a 150000 btu torpedo heater that is what i use...