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Finding a place to powder coat

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  • Finding a place to powder coat


    I've powder coated in the past with excellent results. I was doing some small powder coating jobs with my buddy. He moved out of state and I no longer have facilities to powder coat.

    I live in an apartment building and coating in my apartment is well...not going to happen. I am serious about powder coating. I made good money just off of a couple jobs that i've done.

    I have the money to buy the starter kit and some powders/ tape etc. The poblem is ...there's no place to do it.

    Does anyone have any ideas on what type of place I should be looking for? I can not afford $1000 a month for a shop.. and it snows in buffalo soo everybody has a full garage of their own stuff.. so renting a garage is out of the question....

    I've looked into some information about small buisiness loans..but... I do not qualify for any assistance..

    I'm just looking for a little advice... so that I can get my CASWELL supplies and start rolling out some products....

    I've done enough powder coating ... I SHOULD SAY PREP WORK...cause thats most of the job..............I've done enough to know that I want this as a career. I'm sick of working for the man.

    There should be a forum devoted to the buisiness side of powder coating..... There is a major lack of information on the net about powder coating setups and building your own booths///...

    Thank you,

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    Hi there,

    I too am looking into this, setting up isn't cheap in the UK.

    The property I wish to rent (this is a cheap example) is £400 per month with tax's water and electricity rates etc.

    Theres also the issue of organising a lease to be drawn up by a solicitor, this has to be done properly otherwise I could get stung with building repairs etc when coming out of the lease (even if the damage wasn't be fault i.e. structural faults with the building).

    I have all the neccesary kit to start up and customers but I'm having trouble sorting out somewhere to do the work.

    I'm not sure how leasing would affect you in your country but make sure you check it out. The last thing you want is a £20,000 bill on moving propertys or withdrawing from the building lease.



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      how bout one of those storage units that have power,
      Pro-Tech Powder Coating
      93976 Ocean Way
      [email protected]
      Gold Beach,Oregon


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        I can't help you with locating a space to work out of, but I do have a web site dedicated to do-it-your-selfer's as far as building booths and ovens. You can find it at:

        Hope this helps.