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clear powder?

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  • clear powder?

    i was wondering if any of you guys know if someone makes a high temperature clear powder?? i live on the gulf coast so chrome exhaust pipes dont last very long. i was hoping to maybe put a clear coat on them to prevent the corrosion. any advice would be helpful, thanks.

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    opt for polished stainless i used to live on the coast also and most every metal would rust painted ,coated or not. just my thoughts
    when in doubt polish it out/ why replace it when you can refinish it
    G2 Polishing and Powdercoating


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      Re: clear powder?

      Hey Toxicd:
      If all you want to do is the exhaust tips, regular clear powder will do. The tips don't get hot enough to require a high temp powder.
      Good Luck


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        it is not for just the tip, it is the entire exhaust pipe on a 2-stroke atv. a few of my buddies and myself all have chrome plated pipes because that is about the only finish most companies offer. i was hoping the chrome plating would hold up better than the nickel and it has, but still rusts. i dont want to blast off the chrome and coat with ceramic because i had to pay an extra $150 for the show chrome, but its looking like thats my only option.