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wrinkle not wrinkling

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  • wrinkle not wrinkling

    I try to use black wrinkle and if the part is left more than 5 minutes the wrinkles will melt and all I get is gloss black
    I tried curring at 380 and at 400 and the same thing happend .
    anyone else have had this problem

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    I am about to try some wrinkle tonight. I will let you know.


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      i do my wrinkle at 350* for 25 minutes. they will wrinkle quicly then go to glossy, then back to wrinkle at about 15 minutes.
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        Didnt have any problem here. Looks great! Put parts in cold. Turned oven on to 400 degress... took about 12 minutes to get to temp/melting look. Then waited another 14 minutes. Let cool with the the door cracked open.



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          I guess I'll gave it more time and see what happens .


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            Re: wrinkle not wrinkling

            Could be how much powder is being applied to the part. Try a couple test panels at different thicknesses.


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              Re: wrinkle not wrinkling

              The only time I've ever had problems with a wrinkle was b/c a blocking agent was being released by another powder I was running and it just killed the wrinkle... A good article on troubleshooting wrinkle finishes:

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