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expanding a kitchen oven termporarily

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  • expanding a kitchen oven termporarily

    For what I do, your typical kitchen oven will work fine. There are just two people that I want to help out... and the part just wont kit in the oven. Not by much.

    Has anyone built a little extension to their oven? Did it work out ok?

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    I did that avery long time ago
    I used 1/16 metal sheet and 1 inch kanuf insulation
    worked great

    I opened the oven door and placed the insulated box on it and push it about 2 inches inside the oven for a tight fit .


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      Re: expanding a kitchen oven termporarily

      LOL, I did that & it worked great. I used a sheet of "Certanteed Ultra gold duct board". Made a box using duct tape to put it all together, that sat on the door in the open (down) position. I had to block the stove top elements where the oven vented & put a hole in the front to draw the heat towards the front of the box. It worked awesome.
      Good Luck


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        Re:Powder Coating Questions

        Check tis out. About 1/2 way down he shows how to make a household oven bigger. I did it & it worked great until I built my big oven