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  • Newbie & New Gun reccomendation

    I have shot most of the BC/CC as hobby painter and I',m tired of the VOC's and all the breathing appratus. I have started playing around with the AUTO-AIR COLOR waterbourne paint and I am quite pleased. It appears to me that PC may be the way to go since I paint mostly small parts and motorcycle stuff. I have been through the route of bad siphon and HVLP guns and care not to repeate the same.

    How about a rec for a mid-level good quality gun that I don't need to replace three times to get good results.

    Thanks in advance for your response,

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    hobby guns are good and you will get great results it with if properly used
    mine lasted for almost 8 months and it might have been more if it wasn't for my kid
    unfortunedly there is no middle gun the only one might be eastwoods pro model and since it has the same Kv as hobby guns I don't see what it has over the others except for interchangable nozzles .

    I suggest to learn the basics with a hobby gun and then go professional .


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      go with the caswell hobby gun ( I use it more than any other gun ) mine's lasted well over two years and its used hard..your really not out much $$ if you decide not to pursue pc...btw you still need the resperator but deffinatly not as exotic as with painting.
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        get caswells new pro gun. I have been using mine for a few months now and I am impressed every time I use it. It is a great value.