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Having a really hard time getting CLEAR to stick.

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  • Having a really hard time getting CLEAR to stick.

    It adheres to some areas great and to others kinda peely. It is really bugging me cause when I cleared a warm wrench it took very well, but with other parts it doesn't want to go on.
    Is it better to clear when the parts are cool as compared to warm?
    I've hit the parts I'm doing at least 3 times without much better results.
    What gives?

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    make sure you have a good ground and coat at 150 deg.
    I've seen it happend when ussing clear over glossy surfaces at less than 150.


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      try to shoot it within 15-20 minutes after the first curing it will melt on but it will work ..


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        Thanks for the advice guys! After shooting the clear what's the best time and temp for curing?
        I'm trying 350 for 15 to 20 minutes.


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          i cure the base for 15 at 400 then let shot right on it while the metal is around 350-400 chrome must be fully cured for clear


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            I have had a hell of a time with spraying a clear, I am doing 2 different colors on a part and wanted to clear it so the tape line cant be felt. I applied the 1st color and flowed it, then the 2nd color of course masking the area before applying the powder and flowed it. After 20 min at 350-400 I removed the part and allowed the part to cool down some what and sprayed the clear on, it started flowing immediately in some areas, but in others it never did flow not even after reheating the part to 350-400 for 20 min. Whats the deal? This clear is a pain in da rear!!! I restripped the part today