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  • Caswell Stickers?

    Well Im about ready to start driving my Powder Coated Hot Rod and was wondering if Caswell has any 1" - 2" stickers available? OR possible Techline Coatings as well. I used both products heaviely and think both stickers are good for at least 10 hp each :P and be good advertizing for both.

    Also Thank You Very Much Caswells, the event was Aswome

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    i think the rice decal will give you an extra 45hp but if that is true i would have as much as a 175 shot in my circle track car... but it is a good idea.. Want to fly a CUSTOMANDSOUND.Com Decal? i will toss you one in the mail as soon as they get here...when i down tampa this winter i may sneak up and take a look i will be there from late oct. to april