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curing with propane heater

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  • curing with propane heater

    Has any one used a Infrared propane heater to cure powder? I need to do some bike frames and they are to large for my oven.

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    I bought a propane lamp from another P/C website for around $300. I've used it for the last year or so and it works great. My Raytec MT-4 cuts out at 500 degrees, and the lamp will heat up to that temp quickly if its too close to the substrate. I've done 2 motorcycle frames and both turned out flawless. You just have to remain patient and move the lamp around to cure the whole thing.


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      Re: curing with propane heater

      i'v been looking at propane tank mounted ir heaters. what btu rating is needed, and what kinds of insulation (or other material) do you use to contain some of the heat? i need a shop heater anyway, with this kind of heater i can do both with one heater.


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        Re: curing with propane heater

        I'm new to all this as well and trying to design an oven for curing using an IR propane heater.
        I used the calculator here to determine the BTU needed for the size of my oven:
        Our electric heater room size calculator will provide you with an estimate of the minimum size and quantity of radiators, panel heaters or storage heaters required for the specification of your room.

        I bought my IR heater here:

        And I'm looking at this insulation here (1") (9356K11):
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        If someone out there thinks I'm totally lost, please let me know!


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          Re: curing with propane heater

          When using a propane heater, do you have to worry about ventilation because of the propane being burned?