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gas tank ???

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  • gas tank ???

    anyone ever done a gasoline tank
    it haven't had gasoline in over a year but still ,better sure than sorry
    would it be safe ? what precautions have you taken
    I was told to partially fill it with water
    but if I fill it with water it might not get to temp.

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    Fill with water and what?? Cook it That's a new one... Stick it out in the sun with all the vents open, that should allow any left over fumes to ventilate out. I did mine recently by the same method. I also used my air hose to blow probably about 40gals of air thru it. Bead blasted it clean on the outside, then PC'ed it. Came out fantastic. If you are going to treat the inside of the tank with some sort of protective coating, (which I personally dont really recommend, it has a way of finding itself into the fuel system) Do this after you PC it. Good luck. My tank sits inside my car on the trunk floor and will look new for 5 lifetimes!


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      Ive done one for an atc. I drained all the gas and rinsed it with water a couple times. Then I left it outside in the sun to let any fumes ventilate out. It came out great


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        i flush them and swoosh a degreaser in side flush again then let them vent for a day. it they are rusted inside i fill them with sand then coat and drain the sand out and flush again to remove all of it . then i set it up on the shelf to they come and pick it up..