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Newbie and oven temperature ?

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  • Newbie and oven temperature ?

    Greetings to All,

    I am a newbie here, just lurking since last year, and soaking up the valuable information. Lately decided to jump into both feet!!!
    Today I received my digital oven thermometer and the first thing I did I put it in to the kitchen oven center on the middle rack, turned oven up to 400 Fahrenheit...
    When the thermometer showed the average temperature 379 Fahrenheit, I grabbed the laser thermometer to compared the oven temperature...
    To my surprise the laser showed 390 Fahrenheit (pointed to the oven wall)! 11 degree different...
    My question is, how do you calibrate the oven temperature, how important is a oven temp for the curing stage, or just average out the two measurement?

    Thanks for your time


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    The part temp is the important thing for curing powdercoat. Use the handheld thermometer to shoot the temp of the part. Use the digital thermometer that is reading air temp in the oven as a guide to set the oven control or thermostat. The mass of the part you are powder coating will determine how long it takes to get to curing temp. My 4'x6'x6' oven will reach 450 degrees air temp in 7 minutes if it is empty, but takes about 15 - 20 minutes to ramp the part temps to 400 degrees if it is full of parts. You need to experiment and keep records to find how long it takes your oven to get the items to temp. Hope I didn't muddy it up too much for you.

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      Thanks Tinbender!!!

      I am so excited, that forget "part temperature is important" and not the sourranding air!!! Record all my parts, time to ramp up the heat...
      BTW nice website you have, I like your logo and color combination