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    Guns...are all hobby guns about the same? They're all basically in the same price range. I've read ad's from semi-pro guns blasting hobby guns for 16kv power supplies, but no one seems to have any complaints.

    Are there any guidelines on how much surface area a given amount of powder should coat?


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    I've read the same ad. According to them, you shouldn't be powder coating with anything less than a $10,000 investment. Criminy!

    If it comes down to the HFT or Caswell, I would go Caswell because they seem to really support the little guy, which is worth a lot. I've learned more here in the last three days or so than all of the rest of the internet combined.
    Steve Dold


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      I own and operate a powder coating shop, I will tell you if you get good with the hobby guns from any of the companys you described it will be hard to tell the difference from a part that was sprayed and coated with a pro gun. The only complaint I ever had is they are broken very easly, and the thickness varies more often since you really have to judge by eye how thick your applying it, with a pro gun you can dial that in.


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        the hobby gun are the work horse of many a pc'er bro even the pc shops usually have a couple around for the smaller jobs that dont require a lot of powder. i would choose the caswell gun also as they have very good support and service. also on the powder most will cover at a rate of 10-15 sq. ft. per pound. you can get more out of it but the coating will be thin. just my 2 cents(or is it 2 sense)
        best of luck bro
        when in doubt polish it out/ why replace it when you can refinish it
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          I use three different guns, three different companys, two of them work almost the same and the third I use in special applications because the other two dont seem to do the job, but for the most part I do most of my work with the caswell gun and use the other for back up.
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