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    Hello all! I just bought the CE gun and plan on PCing my bike this weekend (Tank, front & rear fenders). I already know that I have to extend the oven about a foot to fit the rear fender. I am thinking about making some stands out of black pipe to rest the parts on while in the oven, does anyone think that would be a problem? I'm not sure if the pipe underneath the fenders is going to make a differance in the finish directly above the area it is resting on, just a concern I had. I am definitely going to practice on some things first, as I don't want to screw up my bike tins. I also wonder if I can use a magnet underneath the piece to attach the electrode to? I plan on doing two coats, Mirror Chrome, then Physcho Lime Candy mixed with prism additive over top. I am kind of confused about the second color, do I PC the parts cooled, or at 200 degrees? I know this a lot of stuff to ask, but I decided to PC instead of paint, and I'm just kind of nervous. Thanks in advance for any advice!


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    The fenders sitting on a rack shouldn't be problem. I don't know if the magnet will give a good enough ground. I usually use a piece of small wire and try to put it in a spot where it won't be seen. On the second coat, make sure you have a good ground, and with the hobby gun it usually works better if you warm the piece up some. I usually use about 160 degrees - enough to make the powder stick, but not enough to melt it. If the piece is too warm when applying the powder, the powder will begin melting and it is real hard to judge how much you are putting on.

    Hope this helps.

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      you might want to try a test part with the green and prism additive first...I tried it mixing the two and was not at all happy with the outcome..maybe mixing the prism with a clear would have been better..then shoot it over the green...
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