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    i am having a hard time getting the contactor and thermostat for my oven. it is a 220 3 prong plug and these electrical supply houses can't reall yhelp me since they don't understand a 6x3x3 oven.
    is a definate pupose contacter better then a curcuit breaker on this king of oven?
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    You can get a 3 prong range cord at any appliance store and the contactor you can get here:
    A contactor is used to regulate the power to the heating elements. A circuit breaker would be used as a safeguard in the event of a power overload.



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      Try looking for an air conditioning supply house. This type of contactor is used for the condenser unit of central air units.

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        I used a mercury contactor. It was a little bit more expensive but in my opinion it was worth the extra few bucks. When I built my oven I picked up all my controls from a company called thermal inc. I got the contactor, the controller(digital) and the thermal coupler. After putting it all together I tested it for accuracy and found that right out of the box No guessing or adjusting was needed. I used an oven thermometer to check the temp at several points in the oven and was very satisfied with the results. The controller was the most expensive part but I'm very happy that I paid the extra money. After buying all the parts we had some trouble wiring it and called thermal inc and they guided us through the wiring and even corrected our schematic for us. The customer service was almost as good as Caswell. JMHO