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  • What COLORS!!!!

    OK Im starting a new project soon and will be in a Black Car. I have done the Black/Yellow so I need a new combo I was thinking of Doing White/Black combo with the Block, Intake, Valve Cover and Brackets White & Head and Exhaust Black.

    What other combos would look good? Light Grey maybe?

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    Are you doing gloss black or flat black?

    If gloss black how do you think candy red would go with it?

    Just my thought cause i have a black dirtbike with black frame and swingarm and i did all the stuff on it candy red. It looks pretty cool!


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      noob i just did a bunch of stuff for a HONDA.. trans red and gloss black it looked great....

      Oh by the way i am hooking up an acura for auto x

      bronze trans gold and lots of polish

      i welded in the cage yesterday .. got to pull out the ir heater it is getting done in bronze to