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Info on grounding with swivel hooks

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  • Info on grounding with swivel hooks

    Just a small blurb about the swivel hooks. It seems that if you ground to a bar and hang the swivel on said bar the grounding is less than desireable.
    Anyone have the same symptoms?
    I only write this because I checked continuity to the bottom of the hook to the bar and it was erratic. Could it need a good cleaning and a qucik beating?

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    I clear the metal with a knife from time to time just to keep grounding good. Also i have hooks that i hang in the owen with the parts on, them i blast off regulary.
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      Info on grounding with swivel hooks

      I think that the ball bearings are the culprit. I need to just wash it down


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        i use them paint pail holder that got the swivel on them they work good .. when i am done i will either burn them off of toss them in the blaster they cost a few bucks and hold up like the rest of them

        i am powdering wheels tommorrow and they are going to be used ..


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          Info on grounding with swivel hooks

          where doy find the hooks?


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            i get mine at the harware store... i have 12 of them in use at a time