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Oven dust explosion

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  • Oven dust explosion

    Ever heard about the guy who died using a gas oven for powder coating. Me too. Was it the gas?
    Just when you think you powder booth is filtered "good enough" it gets sucked into your burner and into the burner box before ignition and then it expodes and causes your doors to separate about one inch.
    I had a box fan drawing the air through what I thought was ample filters and just exhausting it out the back of the fan. Evidently not good enough. It created a real nice fine powder that drifter over to the burner and got processed with air and let me tell you it might as well been a grenade that went off inside. luckily the door was locked and the oven is not mounted to the concrete floor. Lesson learned. Going with a Shop Fox dust collector for final filtering down to .03 micron. Food for thought, be careful, learn from me.

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    Damn that's a sad deal to read man .. And im sorry to hear about the guy dyeing from this. but i will keep this in mind for when somebody comes along wanting to hook up a gas oven when every one always says to use the electric units.

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