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  • PCing engine components...

    Specifically, I'm wondering if I should worry about PC'ing the inside of certain engine components. I have a lot of cooling system parts that are very pitted out inside (it is a 56 year old truck), and I'll certaintly PC the exterior, but I wasn't sure if any PC on the inside would stand up to antifreeze flowing through there.

    I'd hate to have the PC break down and damage something once it's all put together, but if PC is tough enough to stand some antifreeze, then I'd be able to stop the pitting, or at least slow it down.

    Anyone ever done an interior coolant passage? Did it work? If you can't PC the inside, does anyone happen to know of a product that would seal the interior against the antifreze?


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    If you get the right type of powder it will work, but the antifreeze is not what causes the pits . The antifreeze helps protect against pitting. The pitting in steel is from rust and in aluminum is electrolisis. If you want to guard against excessive pitting, use a good grade of antifreeze with distilled water. The minerals and chemicals in tap water are what cause the majority of the problems. Best of luck. SS


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      i never had any problems with a little bit of powder getting around the foil on the water necks .. my race car i powder it all . inside the neck and chambers of the heads no problem and it was still all there last week when i tore it down to rebuild for tommorrow..