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Lolly Pop Powder on a Chrome Surface.. Powder is cracking!!

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  • Lolly Pop Powder on a Chrome Surface.. Powder is cracking!!

    So I took my chrome peices off my bike and powder coated them the same way i allways have. But for some reason it wants to crack off very easily.

    Does the chrome need a different prep?
    Does lolly pop colors need a different process?

    Why is it cracking off?



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    I don't think the chrome is a very good base for the powder to bond to. On most applications its advised to sandblast the part...but I'm not too sure what your options are unless you want to sandblast the chrome Hopefully some of the other board memebers will show up and know a bit more.


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      sounds like under cure
      did you gave it the full time to cure ?
      I've done all kinds of colors over chrome with no problems and specially candy colors


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        Sounds like under cure to me too. I have had luck with rebaking to the cure specs and was able to eliminate all the little cracks. Mostly happens to clear coat.........but seeing how candy colors are largely made up of clear I can see it happening with them to.Try a hard rebake.Let us know what happens.


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          I was wondering also, with the lollypop colours, it says use on polished alluminum surfaces, or chromed, will a sandblasted peice work? how would i go about doing this another way? i always sandblast before i powder coat anyways.


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            chrome is funny to coat over some times .. Some times i can shoot the candy and trans with no problems by blasting it defeats the purpose of candy coating... But when it comes to straight top coating i powder right over it no blasting at all 2 coats of base ... mirror and high glass only get 1 then a coat of clear will come next..