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Taping over cured powder for a second color

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  • Taping over cured powder for a second color

    Will the tape make a mess if it is left on the already cured power ie, pull it off ,melt into it.
    I had an experience with taping off high gloss clear and recoloring and it pulled off the clear. I think the clear was still warm/hot.
    Any thoughts, comments, anyone care for a mint?
    Basically trying to find the prefered method for doing two colors. I liked the one about the two sided tape and taking it off before curing.

    Powder to the people!

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    Nobody has taped over cured powder?



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      I will let you know tomorrow. I have a set of valve covers and a fan blade that I coated with first color today and will tape up and spray second color tomorrow.

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        Not that I am too lazy to try but, I think it is a good idea try and get some solid info on the process of taping over cured powder. I know it is a whole lot better to get it off but in some cases you have to to let it ride. Tinbender I really like that quote.