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  • tape

    Well i tryed a few types of tape today. Below is the rating.(no pics my camera in in the car )

    1. Green fiber glass tape : Perfect little glue from curing
    2. 3m Painters tape : Nightmare stuck like cement on block took 3 hours to remove.
    3. white fiber glass cloth.. : Perfect but not cheap

    well to remove the cheaper 3m painters tape ( blue ) you need to get a spray bottle and put light cuts in it. then spray it down few sprays. i get it wet and wait a few minutes then spray it again. and it comes right off then a little thinner to clean it up.

    Now when you got a big part ( wheel)
    Foil or the white fiber glass cloth.

    I will get a few pics of this so what i am getting at DON'T try to cut corners it just give you more work and less time showing you perfect part off

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    you mean over cured powder
    or just masking off areas not to be coated ?


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      I use the red polyester tape from cfs its good to 425f it comes off nice and easy...there 5 mil cloth has 3 mils of silicone adhesive and its good to 500f and comes off sweet..btw chuck sorry i missed your to get me at the shop...
      Pro-Tech Powder Coating
      93976 Ocean Way
      [email protected]
      Gold Beach,Oregon


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        i used it to mask off. i will be looking for other tape to test in my travels ..

        that is ok. i will call the shop one day this week ..i need to call dale and see how he is doing to .. i have that number in my cell phone i was not sure if it was the house or the shop i wrote the shop number down i am going to put it on speed dail #2 #1 is my tow guys