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Question for all gas oven owners

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  • Question for all gas oven owners

    To all gas oven owners: What to you use to supply your gas with? Tanks or piped in from the street? The reason I ask is that I am making a new oven and I want it gas fired. No big deal there, but wait there’s more. See I have a 420lb tank now. I just bought for my portable backup generator (I live in the hurricane state). The problem is that no one will fill the tank because they have to check to test what the tank is connected to. If I connect the tank to a home made then I know that they will not fill it. Also I want to keep the portable generator portable, but that’s hard to get that into the heads of others. I am just looking to see how the other gas oven owners get around this, if you have the same problem. Thanks guys….

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    Couple suggestions...
    You could pick up a cheap LP barbecue grill and tell'em you cook out a lot..
    Or, find an old LP range or dryer...
    They just need to see an appliance connected and operational


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      I just spoke to the maker of the tank and he told me that I could load the tank on to a trailer to get it filled with no problems. He also gave me the number to the person in the state that I could talk to. So I'll see waht happens next....


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        i use propane i got the tank from a fork lift to run it .. or you can run a force air hater .. i got a pic in this post :

        but that one run's on oil. i do have one set up on propane