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2 colors on valvecover?

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  • 2 colors on valvecover?

    I got a pair of valvecovers from a customer that he wants powdercoated. He wants the letter on it black, and the cover in transparent candy powder. Any tips or tricks on how to get the letters in black, need some masking tips or something. The covers looks like this:

    I have seen it done, just cant figure out how
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    the letter look deep not risen
    for deep letters here is what I do
    I do the outside first and fully cure
    then tape the out side and powder the letters , remove the tape before curring the letters so you can fix any powder left where it shouldn't be.
    and cure the letters

    the problem I had doing the letters first was that once the outside was cure
    it builds inside the letters not allowing me to remove the tape.

    this is the way I've been doing it for a while now
    maybe some one else has a better and easier idea.


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      i would use a auto touch up paint to fo the recessed letters the other style i always polish for my customers


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        Well, found another way, put a layer of the lettercolor first, used a dry hard sponge to brush off the overflow, worked pretty good...

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          look's good


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            You say you did the letter colors first, did you cure than do the outside? I don't get the dry hard sponge.


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              I started with normalt blasting the get the old color off. Then i glass bead blasted it to get a nice finnish to it.

              Then i just applied a layer of purple, just enough to cover the text, then used the sponge to remove the overflow of powder. Just drag the sponge over the cover with very little pressure, and you will get rid of the powder outside of the text. Took a few times to get it done without toughing inside the text, but it worked great once i got the hang of it.

              Cure it, glas bead blasted it again to remove the small dots of powder i missed to remove, and the a layer of clear over the whole cover and cured it again.
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                Nice Job

                lokks great. Thanks for the tips.


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                  i am going to give that a shot