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trouble with oven wiring

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  • trouble with oven wiring

    i have a 3 prong plug and a 30 amp circuit breaker. i'm running the red and black to the ccb and the white to the bus bar, then the the red off the cb goes to one plug on the element and the black goes to the one, this pops the cb everytime. can anyone give some advice on wiring for i am not a electrician...
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    it should be a 30 amp CONTACTOR not a circuit breaker
    basically it goes like this
    ON/off switch to thermostat
    thermostat to coil in contator
    contator to elemnts

    and it works like this
    you turn ON the switch
    the switch turns ON the thermostat
    thermostat turns ON the coil
    coil turns ON the contator
    contactor turns ON the elements
    once the elemnts get to the temp set on the thermostat
    the thermostat turns off the coil and the coild shots down the contactor wich turns off the elements.

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      thanks, i was listining to a friend on this one and didn't know what to use.,..
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        You have a 220/230 volt element... correct?
        A lot of house oven elements are 110/120 volt....