Welcome to the fast growing world of powder coating where things are alway inproving and new produsts are coming out every day.

But for starter.
Building a new oven? There are over 20 topics about oven building.
Need to know what psi to run your new powder gun at?
Need to know what temp and how long to cure your powder at?

Or you just need tips and what to find out alittle more

I would say use the search to help you along your way:

Along with posting up on the board. There is so much this boad has to offer in the way of info , tricks , tips.

Some times pic's are worth a 1000 words to help on problems.So you may want to post a few to allow the other members to help with any questions you may have..

I am not saying that all the replys are wrong but i am trying to help you find out a little more that the other members may of missed .

And when you get Powder coating down post some pic's. And let us all see how far you have came from the first part to the 1000th part ..If you need more feel free to pm me or anyone else on the board..

Well Enjoy your new found Hobby..
Thank you