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How would you go about touching up powdercoating?

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  • How would you go about touching up powdercoating?

    I did a car rim and it came out perfect, BUT I grazed the outer edge on oven top. I tried to sand it down, mask it off and touch it up,BUT the powder ended up seeping past the masking and messed with the finish. I ended up totally stripping the wheel and doing it over making sure not to make that mistake again.
    So, I ask again.How would YOU go about touching up a mess up?

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    I re-heat the part, use a card board shield and then spray the powder on with an airbrush, at least then you can control the pattern..
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      i use regular touch up paint to match ...


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        WOW! I never even thought of trying either of those methods. Thanks for sharing...


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          if i mess up my work i just strip and do it over like you did.. i never had good luck trying to touch up a blotchy part and for what its worth i like to have people happy with what i give back to them..

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            I've never done any powdercoating, I'm just reading reading as much information about it as I can because I'm planning on buying a hobby system.

            Tell me what you think of this touch up idea:

            Use a torch to heat the spot up a bit, block off the rest of the wheel by holding up a cardboard shield and then spray the powder on with a paintbrush.

            For the most part that idea came straight from the responses on this page, I just added the heat so that the powder would adhere well.



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              the torch may distort the powder . i would try a heat the rear of the part set it on low 400f.. but on some import part i will be nameless on the make at the lip with candys it shrinks a little and when polishing the letters i just pull out the model paint.. i end up take a little more off than i want